Accessibility for disabled persons

The Suikerrock organisation is doing more to make the festival accessible to disabled visitors in collaboration with Inter (the former Intro vzw). This includes the following aspects:

Reserved parking
 - Parking spaces have been reserved for disabled persons at CC De Kruisboog (Sint Jorisplein 20, 3300 Tienen). Disabled persons who wish to make use of these reserved parking spaces should notify us in advance (prior to 20th July) on The required entry pass will then be sent to you.

Festival grounds
- A wheelchair platform has been provided at the back of the Grote Markt, near the town hall, where wheelchair users, those using crutches, or of a short stature, or with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), etc. (+ 1 accompanying person) can come to watch their favourite bands.
- Sanitary units for use by disabled persons have been provided near the wheelchair platform.
- Inter volunteers have been posted at the festival grounds (including near the wheelchair platform). They will provide assistance wherever required: when you wish to use the bathroom, when moving around the festival grounds, when you would like to enjoy a meal or drink, etc.. Do not hesitate to call for an Inter volunteer if you require assistance. They can be identified by means of the white Inter vests they will be wearing.
- Guide dogs are permitted.

If you have a physical or mental disability and you wish to use the aforementioned facilities during Suikerrock 2018, or if you have any additional questions concerning the accessibility facilities for disabled persons at this festival, please contact us prior to 20th July  on