Black Box Revelation


Iggy Pop is no stranger to them, since they’ve already been on tour together. Besides all the others they’ve accompanied so far. Very quickly, they’ve built a reputation of their own. They’re Belgian alright, but they’ve gathered a huge amount of American musical knowhow. Their fourth album ‘Highway Cruiser’, released in 2015, saw them digging much deeper than ever before. Producer Thomas Brenneck allowed them to seek out purity, since he’s no big fan of digital stuff. Pure essence, no endless overdubs, first take recording, all on tape, hard disks were banned from the studio, that kind of stuff. Drums in one single mixing channel, guitars on two. A simple recipe that made it possible to record the entire album in just 6 days. 11 songs that merge beautifully with all their other classics on stage.

‘I think I like you’, ‘High on a wire’ or ‘Highway cruiser’, songs that send out pure pleasure from any stage. Bluesy riffs with punchy drums and Jan Paternoster’s voice that comes from deep within an aged rock ’n roll barrel. Together they make for the ideal concert experience at the Main Square in Tienen on Friday.