Ah… that sweet summer of 1986! We still remember preparing for exams catching ‘You get to me’ on the radio every day. Two Belgian musicians, Paul Michiels and Jan Leyers, called their band ‘The Soul Sisters’ and boy, were they hot in those days. The band name changed to simply Soulsister afterwards, and they kept on selling vinyl records. More hit singles followed: ‘Like a mountain’ and especially ‘The way to your heart’ brought huge international success. Their debut album ‘It takes two’ sold over 700,000 vinyl copies worldwide. Second album ‘Heat’ followed in the same footsteps. ‘Through before we started’ and ‘Well well well’ gave them another 100,000 sold copies just in Belgium.

So obviously, in 1987, Suikerrock put them on stage. And we will repeat that feat again this upcoming summer. Marking both their and our 31st anniversary, Soulsister will bring a nine-piece band and so many sweet, never aging songs to the Main Square in Tienen.

Soulsister on Sunday, July 30th. Belgian top quality on the same day as Zucchero! Sweetness at its best!