Status Quo

Status Quo

You simply can't deny it: they're legends. They’re unique on stage and their records have all become classics. A major band, worldwide, in other words. Suikerrock is so tremendously happy to have them on stage this summer, despite the absence of the late Rick Parfitt.

Their final full electric tour has recently been extended and brings them to us one more time. They had been talking about retiring (their guitars) for some time. Keeping up their typical live energy kick had become slightly heavier, but then again, wasn't that what a Quo gig was all about?

"In fact, we decided to stop about 30 years ago, but we simply couldn't do without rock 'n roll", Francis Rossi once explained. Suikerrock plans to honour that remarkable part of their career during one final full electric concert. Status Quo will live on afterwards, albeit without electrical guitars. Certainly, a big change for both the band and their fans worldwide.

Therefore, "The last night of the Electrics" is a definite must at Suikerrock 2017. If you like Status Quo, you simply must be there to witness this final historic power scroll through an impressive back catalogue. Throttle wide open, full speed ahead, no nonsense full electrical power.