Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari will play Suikerrock 2017 on Sunday July 30 !

The Italian superstar has an impressive track record and a rock-solid live reputation.
He played our festival back in 2004, and is making a welcome return to ‘sugartown’ Tienen!

Zucchero (Italian for sugar, but we figure you’re already on board here) got his nickname from a former teacher, his actual name is Adelmo Fornaciari, but in the end he decided to use it as an artist name.

It was the 1987 album ‘Blue's’ that made Fornaciari a household name in Italy, and near countries. But Zucchero saw his career launched on the international scene with the album ‘Oro Incenso e Birra’, a collaboration with Eric Clapton which sold more than eight million copies up to date. And it wasn’t just Clapton who got charmed by the Italian artist: Over the years he collaborated with international artists such as Bryan Adams, the Blues Brothers, Bono, Jeff Beck, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Elvis Costello, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Luciano Pavarotti, Iggy Pop, Alejandro Sanz, Sting and many others. Dustin Hoffman is a self-declared Zucchero fan, and Miles Davis once rang him at 4 AM inviting him to record a duet together.
It was Zucchero who discovered the enormous talent Andrea Bocelli had to offer, he also was an ambassador for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 anti-aids project, and he was the only artist who performed in two cities (Paris and Rome) on the same day during Live8.

One could actually write a whole book by just recapitulating Zucchero’s whole career.  In his four decades as a recording artist, he sold more than 60 million albums and scored numerous hits like  ‘Senza Una Donna’, ‘Diamante’, ‘Wonderful World’, ‘Diavolo in me’ and ‘Il Volo’.

His latest album ‘Black cat’ was released in April 2016, resulting in the ‘Black Cat’ tour that will extend into 2017 and also take him to our stage in July. ‘Black Cat’ features the song ‘Streets Of Surrender ('S.O.S')’,  with lyrics written by Bono and guest appearance on guitar by Mark Knopfler. It also contains the Italian version of that song ‘Ci Si Arrende’, which is dedicated to the victims of the November 2015 Paris attacks

Don’t miss Zucchero’s Black cat tour at Suikerrock 2017 on Sunday July 30.