Suikerrock 2021

Coronamaatregelen: Suikerrock verplaatst naar 2021!


Dear Suikerrock-visitor

What we’ve been fearing for some time has now been officially confirmed by Belgium’s National Security Council: in order to counter the coronavirus spreading, no mass events may be organised until at least 31 August 2020. Unfortunately, this means no Suikerrock 2020 and the festival will therefore be moved to next summer, in 2021. 

As festival organisers, we fully understand and respect this measure. The health and safety of the people, our festival visitors, artists, crew and volunteers are our main priority. In addition, events would put an additional burden on all emergency services, which are already struggling during this period. Right now, they deserve our praise and every ounce of respect. 

Behind the scenes we are hard at work to move Suikerrock to 2021. We are currently discussing this with all the confirmed artists, and some of them have already pledged to come back next year.  Fortunately, differences of opinion are pushed aside more easily in times of crises. We are therefore pleased that Tienen’s city council has indicated that it wants to cooperate constructively and secure Suikerrock's future.  

Suikerrock 2021’s dates are already known: the festival will take place from Thursday 29 July to Sunday 1 August, and will therefore be a copy of the planned Suikerrock 2020. 

Moving the festival to 2021 is the best solution for all parties, and especially for our visitors. Ticket buyers don't have to do anything: Their 2020 tickets remain valid for the 2021 edition. Somewhere next week, all ticket buyers will also be contacted personally via the e-mail address they provided at the time of purchase. 

In the meantime, let us work together to strictly follow all the measures imposed by the government to fight against the virus. And let's cheer and applaud in the weeks and months to come, not for the artists on stage, but for all the heroes who keep our country running amidst this corona outbreak. 

We look forward to seeing you again in the summer of 2021, to feel the 'vibe' and share the 'sweetness' with us! Keep it safe and sound...